About Us




We are so pleased you found us! The Elks Opera House Guild is a costumed group with the mission statement to "Preserve, Promote, and Support" our lovely Elks Opera House Theatre in Prescott, Arizona. The picture below is of one of our annual Tea Luncheons. We have recently started inviting the public to have tea with us, and to view a fashion show featuring period costumes.

What we do

In addition to our many social gatherings, we are at our core a service organization. Members serve at the Theatre during the week as docents who give tours of the Theatre and selling tickets to performances. When there is a performance, we handle tickets, usher guests to their seats, and provide security and assistance to our guests. We are also available to enhance your event by doing "meet-and-greet", or a vintage fashion show. We also have members who present "Living Histories", where we dress in period attire, and speak about "our" life in the 1800's.


We would love to make ourselves available for your special event - to add color, greet your guests, do a fashion show, or present a living history.  If you would like to join our fun, we are always interested in inviting new members. Follow the link to our website. http://www.elksoperahouseguild.com/ to contact us. We look foward to hearing from you.