GAËLLE BUSWEL is a unique artist who leaves no one indifferent. Her exceptional voice will move you as it reaches straight for your soul. Her generosity of spirit, her spontaneity and her dazzling smile are irresistible. A prodigious performer, she has already more than 500 concerts across Europe under her belt as well as 2 North American tours. This past June she performed with ex-Beatle, Ringo Starr!


In listening to her music, it is not surprising to learn that right from the very start this artist was drawn to folk rock and blues rock sung by husky-voiced singers. When you have the music of Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker and Queen all playing in the nursery, with Neil Young and Janis Joplin for your childhood lullabies, you are bound to be drawn towards this fantastic mixture of complementary musical influences. As a teenager, she immersed herself completely in blues music, delving into the albums of Bonnie Raitt and Jonny Lang.


Gaëlle composes most of her own material. The first songs were promising enough to lead to her first album, the acoustic folk rock “Yesterday’s Shadow”, recorded with the collaboration of Neil Black and released in 2012. Her second album, “Black to Blue”, released in November 2014 brought with it an ever-widening audience and 4 music awards. North America also welcomed her. She gave her first live radio on WFDU FM New York and was selected as “Artist of the Month” by the American webzine Concert Blogger. “Black to Blue” would keep her on tour around the world for over 2 and half years. It is at this time that people begin to compare her to artists such as Joan Baez and Melissa Etheridge.


Today, it is with her own songs and her own musical world – a place colored by American blues rock, folk and ‘70’s rock but clearly of its own time – which Gaëlle Buswel brings us as she stands before her audience. There are lyrics that will touch your heart, melodies that grab a hold and take you elsewhere. Her unique ability to convey her own vision of things through her music makes her a complete and authentic artist followed very closely by thousands of fans from the four corners of the earth.


Along with Gaelle, there will be several other French reputed and talented performers such as CadiJo(World Awarded Harmonica Player for the Blues) , Belen “La Parisienne” Ferris (Singer, composer, writer, actress and MC) accompanied by an accordionist and a singer-pianist, Amazing young talent singer Cheyenne, exceptional vocal Parisian singer Frankeur and the now Arizona famous "French Badass" Chris & Lo! Also joining the stage will be some of Prescott’s finest talent! Special appearances from The Cheektones, Sugar and the Mint and Tom Agostino.


Below are a few videos to give you a glimpse into the world of the finest French musicians coming all the way to Prescott, Arizona!